Body Mask 210th

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The 210th Experience Body Mask is infused with a deliciously exotic fragrance, with hints of linden blossom, freesia, amber, musk, and vanilla. Simply massage onto damp skin and rinse off in the shower or bath. Its cleansing and nourishing action will give you smooth and silky skin, especially when used with the 210th body scrub (product code 38394) beforehand, and the body cream (38396) afterwards. Created by Sofie Rockland, 210th is a range of erotic and indulgent bedroom and bathroom accessories.
Product code: 383950000
Each box has a QR code inside with a 210th 'assignment'
Use with the 210th body scrub (product code 38394), and the body cream (38396)
Content: 200 millilitre