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Kheper Games Casino Boudoir Game

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The Casino Boudoir Game is the perfect playtime for those couples that love to engage in plenty of foreplay, and for those couples that know that they should! The games and the excitement are the same as at the casino, but the stakes are a little different! Here you are playing for intimate rewards and sensual and sexual satisfaction. Count your chips at the end of play to see who has won, and check out the positions printed on each one for some inspiration!
20 standard casino chips with unique sex positions printed on them
Roulette wheel
2 standard dice
Roulette marble
Roulette marker
Blow Job blackjack poker deck
54 slot machine game cards
Instructions in English, French, German and Spanish
Craps table printed on lid of box
Roulette table printed on bottom of box
Product code: 327800000
Min. shaft length 1.0 cm
Min. width (bottom) 1.0 cm
EAN: 0825156107911