Besired black label
<h1>Besired Blacklabel lingerie collection</h1>No matter whether you buy lingerie for yourself or for another person, its seductive touch lies in its detail. But how about a design which is not only seductive, but also sturdy, rebellious and designed with an elegant twist? Discover Besired's Blacklabel high-end lingerie labels Vanity, Delana, Avaritia and Desiris, each with their own WOW-factor.<br>
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Besired’s Blacklabel Delana series presents tough, chic and hip lingerie. While its soft wet-look microfibre contrasts playfully with the fine embroidery, the addition of Lurex harmonizes with grey pearls, icicles and satin bows. Be en vogue: this lingerie is daring while at the same time fashionable. You'll absolutely want to show it!
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Besired's Blacklabel Vanity collection is all about elegance. The velvety soft satin combined with delicate lace is an ode to women, and luxurious, bronze-coloured details lend this collection its vintage chic. The rhinestone charm adds to the finishing touch.
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The Desiris collection from Besired’s Blacklabel is a lingerie line with a seductive and sensual touch. This graceful line of the highest quality with ton-sur-ton Guipure embroidery boasts luxurious details such as adjustable shoulder straps covered with shiny satin. Desiris stands synonym for atmospheric designs in black. A must-have for the woman who'll take what she wants!