The Gjack is the most realistic vibrator ever. This toy is made of the revolutionary Bioskin™ material and therefore very closely resembles the human body. The Gjack is something you really want to have!

  • The Gjack has an ergonomic design
  • This vibrator has a silent, powerful motor
  • The Gjack has six vibration settings with varying intensity
  • The vibrator is scentless and 100% waterproof, so perfect for a bath or shower
  • The battery ensures over 4 hours of fun
  • Size? The G-jack is 22 x 3.7 cm

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Gvibe2 Anatomical vibrator

The Gvibe2 vibrator is made of silicone and always feels soft and pleasant. The perfect sex toy for both men and women!
  • The Gvibe2 has 3 powerful motors - 2 in the tips and one in the shaft
  • Revolutionary design: the shape adapts to the anatomy of the user (man or woman)
  • The new location of the motors results in a toy that's also great for men (prostate massage, etc.)
  • Simultaneous stimulation of 3 sensitive areas for women: the G-spot, the vaginal wall across from it and the vaginal opening
  • The Gvibe2 is scentless and 100% waterproof
  • The battery ensures over 4 hours of fun
  • The new Gvibe2 has 6 vibration settings

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Gballs2 + App

The first sex fitness coach with an App! The Gvibe Loveballs can be used as a sex toy for internal stimulation, or as fitness training to strengthen your pelvic muscles, thanks to the matching app called "Magic Kegel".

The "Magic Kegel" app for Gballs2:
  • Is a virtual coach just for you!
  • Is a specialist in training pelvic muscles
  • Has 6 extensive training programmes
  • Works with a daily goal
  • Works with badges and a reward system

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The Gplug is the smallest, rechargeable and vibrating butt plug in the world! The Gplug is made of silicone and feels incredibly soft.
  • The Gplug has a strong but silent motor
  • The Gplug is scentless and 100% waterproof
  • The battery ensures over 4 hours of fun
  • The Gplug has 6 vibration settings

The Gplug is available in two sizes: Small (3 cm) and Large (3.9 cm).

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The Gring is a unique finger vibrator that can also be used as a remote control for the Gplug. A stylish toy with multiple qualities, just perfect!
  • The Gring has a beautiful and ergonomic design
  • Works with a powerful yet silent motor
  • The Gring has 6 vibration settings
  • The battery ensures over 1 hour of fun
  • The Gring is scentless and 100% waterproof

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