Sweet Love Leather Flogger Hidden Desire Red


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The Sweet Love Leather Flogger from Hidden Desire features a leather wound handle and 24 x 18" (46cm) red leather strands. The handle has a D-ring and a wrist loop for added security. In the hands of an experienced user, this whip can be extremely effective. Some people like to be teased, and some like to be hit so that it hurts... a lot. So make sure you have negotiated your limits and discussed your safe word. Then get flogging! Made in Europe from 100% real leather. Give in to your Hidden Desire....
Product code: 320540100
Total length 10.0 cm
Depth 5.0 cm
24 x 18" (46cm) red leather strands
Total length = 24" (62cm)
Material 100% leather.