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Lümmeltüten 12 Mix Condoms

£ 5.95

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12 Mix Condoms from the German brand Lümmeltüten. Lümmeltüten means cock pouches. All the condoms from this specialist are electronically tested and meet with European standards. Mix provides condoms with a flavour and studded/ribbed texture condoms. The affordable price of 50 pence per condom makes it easy to choose your favourite condom. Have fun!
2x black condoms with chocolate flavour (53 mm wide)
2x yellow condoms with banana scent (53 mm wide)
2x red condoms with strawberry flavour (53 mm wide)
2x condoms with relief (53 mm wide)
2x condoms with ridges (53 mm wide)
2x condoms with ridges, relief and contour (54 mm wide)
Product code: 443530000
EAN: 8713221474513
Content: 12 Piece