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Bye Bra 3 x 2 Bye Bras - Breast lift tape Cup D, E and F

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The Bye Bra is a set of adhesive patches that help to lift the breasts. It's the perfect solution to effectively enhance female breast without a bra. The patches are very thin and contain self-adhesive foil, shaped like a horseshoe, with which it is possible to lift the nipples up. Wear the Bye Bra with either backless, strapless or plunge dresses. And even in swimwear they are invisible and functional!
This set consists of:
3 x 2 Bye Bras
6 nipple covers
clear instructions
Please note, use only on clean and oil-free skin
This set is suitable for cup D, E and F
Product code: 286130000
EAN: 8717953077622