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BDSM-tool - Steel Power Tools

32mm Stainless Steel Glans Ring

£ 10.95
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32mm Stainless Steel Glans Ring
£ 10.95
Product description
Designed to sit just under the head of the penis, the 32mm Stainless Steel Glans Ring looks great on your penis, and will give you and your partner some awesome stimulation. Simply place the steel ring around the head of the cock, just below the glans, and the pressure point is bound to create a feeling of excitement, as well as a particularly hard and intense erection. Work hard. Play hard. Stainless steel tools, built for pleasure, built to last. Explore your harder side with STEEL POWER TOOLS.
32mm diameter ring
Made from high grade stainless steel
Seamless construction
Other sizes available: 28mm - product code 35097 30mm – product code 35096
Brand Steel Power Tools 
Material composition 100% metal 
Diameter inside 3.2 cm
Product code 350981100 
EAN number 8717344177764