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Tenga Air Cushion Cup Masturbator

£ 21.95

£ 11.95

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A sensational experience! Using new technology, this Tenga Air Cushion Cup masturbator doesn't just simulate a real-life vagina - it goes further than that. Its unique air cushion design creates an orgasmic sensation by allowing the free movement of air pressure through 34 air chambers. Texturised to deliver a wet and slippery experience, this toy is highly recommended!

Tip: Don’t forget to order your lubricant… And enjoy it to the max!

This quality product from TENGA should only be used once. Delay ejaculation or use condoms to extend its usage.
Product code: 237820000
Min. width (bottom) 6.0 cm
Min. shaft length 16.0 cm
EAN: 4560220550212