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Dolce Piccante Buttplug Jewellery Small Gold Ribbed Diamond Golden

£ 19.95

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Buttplug Jewellery Small Gold Ribbed Diamond from the assortment of Dolce & Piccante. Buttplug made of gold-colored steel and embellished with a striking, crystal clear crystal on the handle. Designer Giovanni Santini teases you with this plug (length: 7,5cm, diameter 3 cm) and tries to beguile you with the typical Italian glamour, style, luxury and art. The buttplug Jewellery Small Gold Ribbed Diamond is a real piece of art that stands out thanks to its design and embellishment.

Tip: Don’t forget to order your lubricant… And enjoy it to the max!

Take a firm grip of the handle and insert the buttplug into your anus. Thanks to its design and the smooth polished material this is smooth and easy. The crystal with faceted cut transforms this buttplug into a kinky piece of jewellery.
Product code: 471031300
Diameter outside 3.0 cm
Total length 7.5 cm
Material 100% metal.
EAN: 8713221485465