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CB-X CB-3000 Chastity Cage

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The CB-X CB-3000 Chastity Cage by the dutch brand Mister B. The CB 3000 is a adjustable penissleeve with a cockring. It is made of highly durable polycarbonate. This chastity Cage is a very interersting tool for roleplaying games. Because of the included keys the dominant has the ultimative power over the sub, ultimately being able to determine the period of being locked away. The included cockring fits tightly behind the testicles effectively locking things up.
Chastity Cage with openings (length: 7,6 cm, diameter: 3,6 cm)
Cockring to fasten the chastity belt.
5 rings with different diameter: 3,8 cm, 4,1 cm, 4,5 cm, 4,8 cm and 5,1 cm
Comes with brass padlock and 2 keys, 5 plastic locks and 44 ml silicon lubricant.
includes zipped pouch for storage purposes (if needed)
Brand Mister B 
Material composition 100% acrylic. 
material acrylic 
Best for penis 
Product code 463733700 
EAN number 094922298560