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Sex game

Discover Your Lover Erotic Board Game

£ 50.95
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Discover Your Lover Erotic Board Game
£ 50.95
Product description
Discover Your Lover is an adult board game with erotic questions and tasks, developed in collaboration with sexologists.
The game takes you on a journey of discovery, letting you experience your and your partner's body in new ways and explore new paths to pleasure. As the game goes on, the questions become more intimate and the sexy challenges become hotter.
The Discover Your Lover game will bring you closer together in many ways. Makes a great gift for an adventurous couple.

In the box:
- 1 game board (50cm x 50cm)
- 480 task cards with 240 questions for her and 240 questions for him
- 1 dice
- 2 pawns
- 2 hourglasses
- Rule book
Product code 228010000 
EAN number 9789088190025