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Masturbator - Tenga

Flip Hole Black

£ 58.95
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Flip Hole Black
£ 58.95
Product description
The Tenga Flip Hole was designed to provide optimum pleasure. It's not an artificial vagina, but a masturbator tailored to reach the most sensitive spots of the male member. The elastomer shapes, nodules and ridges will stimulate you with each movement. The Flip Hole encloses your penis tightly from deep inside ensuring an amazing orgasm. Easy to clean and very hygienic. Recommended with a little bit of lube.
TENGA is a new adult concept, offering a wide range of satisfactory pleasure products for the increased erotic desires of the modern man.
Its interior is made of super soft elastomer.
Easy to clean.
Brand Tenga 
Material composition Thermoplastic elastomer 
surface structure bumps ridges 
material tpe 
stimulation pattern sucking 
Ideal for penis 
Product code 258680000 
EAN number 4560220550724