Whip - Scandal


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Product description
Tickle and tease, and all things that please: your beginner sub will love the delicate fronds of this leatherette flogger from CEN's Scandal series. Build up from soft strokes to a sharp and satisfying sting, delivering tantalising sensations with every swing. The gentle intensity of the faux leather fronds is ideal for couples taking their first steps into sensory play, fulfilling BDSM fantasies without overstimulating nerves. Begin by trailing the fronds over your lover's skin, building up to light flicks. Gradually grow the intensity of each stroke, varying where each swing falls, whether directed to your lover's bottom, genitals or thighs.
43 fronds, length: 43 cm
Firm handle, length: 16 cm
Brand California Exotic Novelties 
Collection Scandal 
Product code 746650200 
EAN number 716770082510