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Shunga Geisha's Secrets Collection

£ 31.95

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Shunga is an ancient erotic Japanese art form, showing sensual scenes of couples in love, as well as intensely pornographic depictions of foreplay and sexual positioning. This beautifully decorated box contains edible and lickable massage oil, normal massage oil, bath & shower gel, stimulating orgasm cream, edible dusting powder and a soft tickler. The 6-piece Shunga Geisha's Secrets Collection provides everything you need for a hot night in. The perfect gift to give or receive!
Orgy of Grapes Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil
Libido Erotic Massage Oil
Exotic Aroma Bath and Shower Gel
Blazing Cherry Sensation Balm
Raspberry Feeling Body Powder
Tickling Feather
Product code: 044040000
EAN: 0697309080019
Content: 38 millilitre