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Glass butt plug

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Product description
A delicately detailed little plug featuring an absolutely classic shape sized down to suit even the very beginner, the glass butt plug (8.5 cm x 4 cm) from Ns Novelties Crystál collection is ultra petite, extra smooth and perfectly tapered, creating a very subtle, yet deliciously decadent stretch along with plenty of ultra precise stimulation once in place. Designed to satisfy the discerning anal pleasure seeker, the butt plug showcases a nice long neck to customize penetration depth, plus a nice wide, round base that prevents against too-deep insertion.
With tapered head and b ulbous body
With wide, round base
Can be cooled
Can be heated
Brand Ns Novelties 
Material composition 100% glass. 
surface structure smooth 
material glass 
water resistance waterproof 
Best for anus 
outside diameter 4.0 cm
Product code 470101000 
EAN number 657447090059