Bijoux Indiscrets

Bijoux Indiscrets was founded in 2006 in Barcelona and is now represented in 22 countries worldwide. The brand with the slogan "Love Meets Passion" the pioneer and market leader in the adult area. The erotic novel by Denis Diderot in the 18th century in which characters enter a fantasy world through a magic ring, is the inspiration for the name and logo of Bijoux Indiscrets. Discover the best sellers >>>

Pleasure accessoires

The sophisticated range Pleasure by Bijoux Indiscrets, brings a perfect harmony between romance and eroticism. It is a range consisting of gift sets, handcuffs, blindfolds, feathers, whips, stimulating gels and perfumes. All created to stimulate the imagination and to please your partner. Tantilizing products of quality that emphasize the mysterious and feminine side.
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LP_Bijoux Indescrets_row6 The refined Passion range from Bijoux Indiscrets stands synonymously for sensual accessories. Beautiful and inviting Skin Jewellery, ranging from nipple decoration, masks, shoulder and hip decorative jewellery. An open invitation to long, balmy nights of passion and adventure. Let your body do the talking covered in rhinestones and other high quality decorative essentials.
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LP_Bijoux Indescrets_row7 The collection Kissable Cosmetics by Bijoux Indiscrets are cosmetics, suitable for consumption. The body paint and powder have natural ingredients such as soybean and corn flour combined with essences of strawberry, citrus, caramel, honey and chocolate. Erotic cosmetics packed with flavour and aroma, give your caresses and kisses that extra bite.
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LP_Bijoux Indescrets_row8 The massage collection by Bijoux Indiscrets offers an extensive range of massage oils and 2-in-1 gels. They range from odourless gels, to flavoursome and edible massage oils with a warming effect. With the addition of edible ingredients, for exotic tropical aroma and tasty pleasure. To massage oils which contain the special fragrance blend of ylang ylang, rose and jasmine extracts.
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