The French cosmetics label YESforLOV is en exclusive, modern brand. They're known for their elegant and erotic products, and have also marketed innovative skin care products for several years. Eroticism and sensuality are key at YESforLOV, and it always looks elegant and exclusive.

YESforLOV products

YESforLOV has an extensive collection of erotic care products, such as:
1. Massage oils.
2. Massage oils that can also be used as lubricant.
3. Perfumes (both for yourself and your home).
4. Massage candles.
5. Lip balm for wonderfully soft lips.
6. Fun products to spice up your erotic games even more.
7. Care products for your intimate areas.
8. Condoms.


Check out the general promotional video of YESforLOV here and get to know the extensive collection of sensual and elegant cosmetics products by YESforLOV. This video showcases various products and you can get a taste of the atmosphere, logo and looks of this French label.

Massage oils

We take this time to spotlight the YESforLOV massage oil. The best known edible and lickable massage oil collection by YESforLOV is called "Délice Deluxe Massage" and is perfect for a sexy, tasteful and sensual massage. The oil isn't sticky and is great for your skin, caring and hydrating. In addition it can also be used for the intimate areas, should the massage turn into something more. Délice Deluxe Massage is available in 4 flavours: Juicy Red Fruits, Cotton Candy, Happy Vanilla and Crazy Strawberry.
You can find an overview of the exclusive, elegant and sensual YESforLOV products here. Try them and be amazed!