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Every day you ask yourself: what will I wear? Which bra can be worn with that? We've made a list with some practical tips, as the right bra determines whether your top or dress looks good!

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The basic bra is a comfortable bra - your absolute favourite - that every woman would wear every day, if they could. The basic bra is just really comfortable and can be worn under most types of clothing. Some women prefer a seamless T-shirt model, others want a soft bra with underwires or a push-up to add volume to their cleavage. A basic bra, that's the bra that makes you feel confident.

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The most feminine material is lace, and the most feminine type of lingerie is the bra. The artistically woven threads are a true eye-catcher and the stretchy, breathing material is a joy to wear. When you say lace you immediately think of Italian and French lingerie brands, but lace bras by hip and young national labels are just as pretty and a great deal more affordable.

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The cups of a balconette bra are shaped like a half circle and are a little straighter at the top. This bra is available both with and without padding. The shoulder straps are located a little more to the side. A balconette bra supports the breasts from the side, giving them a natural and full shape. The balconette bra is worn under clothing with a low and/or wide neckline.

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A statement bra is a bra that deserves to be seen. A bra with a special, luxurious or distinct back panel. Shoulder straps may sometimes be 'not done', but a striking back panel is all kinds of hip and trendy With a statement bra under your sheer or semi-sheer top you'll feel confident and sexy. You're making a statement, and it won't go unnoticed.

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The bralette is usually a bra without underwires, a soft bra that's really comfortable. You can wear this type of bralette if you want to feel dressed and don't really need additional support. Bras with a bust band, sometimes called mini bustier, also fall in the bralette category. Some of them are so very pretty and detailed that you can wear them as outer garments.

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