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Bye Bra, top-quality adhesive bra

Our strapless bras collection also contains sticky versions, known as adhesive bras. The Bye Bra is one of our top-selling bras: an adhesive bra with stunning results, which can be applied quickly and easily. You'll find all information below.

Bye bra

Bye Bra, why?

The Bye Bra is the perfect solution if you don't want your bra to be visible under special outfits. Are you looking forward to a great party and wearing a sexy strapless number? Or an open-back dress, a halter-neck dress or one with spaghetti straps? The Bye Bra is invisible under all of them. Simply perfect.

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What are Bye Bra adhesive bra stickers?

The Bye Bra is a strapless adhesive bra that quickly and efficiently lifts a woman's breasts. This adhesive bra creates the lifting effect from the top, hence the great results. The bra consists of two separate stickers that apply to your skin. This 'bra' does not have a connection in the middle like most other silicone adhesive bras. The special 3M tape is used in hospitals; it's safe and skin friendly.

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The 'one-size-fits-all' principle applies to the available sizes. If you have cup size B, you order the Bye Bra A-C. This size is perfect for your breasts. The adhesive bra is very thin, and you can use them to lift up each breast quite a lot, as well as adjust their position. When your breasts differ in size or shape this adhesive bra is the perfect solution, thanks to its ability to adjust their position.

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Nipple covers included

The Bye Bra always comes with silicone or silk nipple covers included. These breast petals protect the breasts against unexpected hard nipples and help avoid awkward situations!


The Bye Bra is the perfect solution for shirts, dresses and gala dresses with a halter-neck top, an open back or strapless top. You can even wear this adhesive bra under your swimsuit, as they're waterproof. This adhesive bra makes the breasts more firm. The Bye Bra feels very natural and ensures that the shape of the breasts continue to look natural. Once you've put them on, you'll forget you're even wearing a Bye Bra after only a few minutes.

How does it work?

Step-by-step instructions

Before you get started with applying the Bye Bra, we recommend removing all cream and skincare products from the skin. In combination with sweat these products result in the stickers falling off more quickly.

Tip Removal
We recommend never wearing the stickers for longer than 12 hours. .... Remove the stickers starting at the bottom: first loosen the stickers at the bottom and slowly pull them off your breast.

The steps to take

Of course, you can also watch our instruction video.

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remove foil

First remove the foil from the backside. Make sure you don't touch the sticky area, as this reduces their adhesive properties, and prevent the sticker from folding onto itself.

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apply nipple covers and sticker

Attach the sticker to the top of your breast, above the nipple. The white piece with protective foil should now be on top.

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remove foil

Now remove the foil at the top as well. Here you also have to make sure you don't touch the sticky area, as this reduces their adhesive properties, and prevent the sticker from folding onto itself.

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lift up the breast

Pull up the sticker, lifting the breast. You can see a wrinkle forming due to the breast being pulled up. Now attach the sticker to the desired location. Make sure the end result looks natural; don't lift up your breast too high.

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Repeat steps 1 through 4 for the other breast and make sure that both breasts are equal and aligned.

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use nipple covers

You can use the Bye Bra with or without the included nipple covers. If you want to apply the nipple covers, first remove their protective foil.

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Don't use:

  • If you have a sensitive or irritated skin
  • On scars; don't apply to scar tissue