Find your bra size

Most women wear the wrong size bra. Why? Probably because most women think their breasts are smaller than they actually are. A wrong size bra can be recognised by signs such as bulging or blubbering breasts, “love handles” at breast height, pinching straps, the list goes on. That’s a shame, as a properly fitting bra gives you confidence and comfort. It’s therefore important to make sure you buy a bra that fits perfectly. How? Read all about selecting, fitting and wearing the perfect bra below.


1. Calculate Bra Size

Women’s breasts change over time, that’s a fact. Being pregnant, menopause, gaining or losing weight, all of this affects your bra size. It is therefore recommended to measure your bra size every year. Of course you could visit a lingerie specialist store to have it measured, but you can also do it at home. How? Figure it out quickly and easily with this bra size table. Measure the girth of your chest under the breasts (chest size); this is the number in the bra size, so 32, 34, 36, 38 etc. Then, measure the size of your breasts over the nipples (cup size). You can look up this number in the table to determine the cup size (letter) in the bra size, so A, B, C, D etc. The steps are:

Measure the girth
of your chest under
the breasts (chest size).
Measure the size of
your breasts (cup size)
along the broadest part
of the breasts.

chest size

Cup size

The chest size can be found to the left of the table. Here you can check what you’ve measured and what the standard bra size is in terms of girth (next column). The cup size is the largest part of the table. If you know the girth of your breasts, you can check which letter matches that size. Combine the two outcomes to get your perfect bra size.


2. Bra Tips

Once you’ve calculated the right bra size with the size table, it’s time to try on bras. Just like in shoes or clothing there may be a difference in given size and actual fit. Pay attention to the tips below and choose a bra that really clings properly to your body.


Riding band

Does the bra band creep up on the back?

The chest size is too big!

Make sure that the bra fits tightly around the back without pinching.


Pinching band

Does the band pinch at the back and is the fastener too tight?

The chest size is too small!

Make sure that the band is tight at the back and snugly fits to your chest at the front.


Tight straps

Are the bra straps stretched too tight and painful?

Adjust the straps to loosen them up a little!

In addition, make sure that the band at the back fits and provides proper support. The back panel together with the straps are what supports the weight of the breasts.


Bulging breasts

Do the breasts bulge out of the bra at the top of the cup or under the armpit?

Go up a cup size!

Make sure that the breasts snugly fit within the cup. With an underwire bra the wires should not press down on breast tissue.


Did you know?
Did you know?

The first bras date from the Middle Ages and are at least 600 years old. This was announced on 18 July 2012 by the Archaeological Institute of the University of Innsbruck.


In 1985, 52% of Danish women did not wear bras. In 1992 this number had dropped to 15%. Nowadays only 11% of the Greek, 2% of the Portuguese and 4% of Spanish women don’t see the point of wearing a bra.