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Get your perfect tights

What are the different stocking varieties? Below you'll find everything concerning hosiery

Great tights highlight the shape of your legs and really affects your look. Get the perfect stockings and you'll always look amazing. How? You can read it here. We'll discuss the different types of stockings and provide tips and recommendations about how to select the perfect stockings to match your outfit. Here you can find everything you need to know about beautiful, comfortable and sexy leg fashion.

Sexy stockings

There are many different reasons to wear stockings: from comfort and concealment to sexy and seductive. Of course, you can get stockings in many different types, sizes and designs. Examples include fishnet stockings, luxury stockings made of gloss fabrics, sexy seamed stockings, crotchless tights for an erotic evening... the list goes on. Want to know the different type of tights? Read the explanation below:

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1. Tights

Tights are stockings with shorts attached. Other names for tights are nylons, nylon stockings or elastic stockings. Tights rapidly gained popularity in the 60s, replacing suspender stockings on the market. Why? Women though that tights were comfortable to wear than suspenders. The rise of pants for women resulted in tights disappearing from fashion styles for quite a while. This is a thing of the past, however; beautiful hosiery is once again all the rage. Thankfully, tights have been perfected in the past few decades. For example, Lycra was added to the fabric. Lycra provides gloss, a better fit and, simply put, Lycra tights are just that much more comfortable.

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2. Nylons

Nylons are sometimes also called nylon stockings, and are made of the synthetic fabric 'nylon'. When we're talking about nylons, we mean the same thing as long stockings. Nylon is very stretchy, sheer and very comfortable to wear. It therefore comes as no surprise that nylon is a popular fabric choice in the fashion industry. In addition to nylon tights there are also nylon catsuits, nylon dresses and other alluring fashion and lingerie items.

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3. Hold-ups and stay-up stockings

Hold-ups, also called stay-ups, are pretty, sexy stockings that are perfect to wear in combination with provocative lingerie or an alluring outfit. With hold-ups you automatically feel sexy. And they're very comfortable, as long as they stay put. Hold-up stockings are made of frail materials and have a border with silicone strip at the top. This strip sticks to your upper leg. Hold-ups are practically always completed with a broad (lace) border, that could peep out from under a mini-skirt or dress. Sexy and provocative!

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4. Suspender stockings

Officially, suspenders are something different from suspender stockings. However, these two terms are quite often still used interchangeably. A suspender is a connecting piece (the elastics) between the suspender belt or corset and the suspender stockings. Suspender stockings are knee socks that can be worn in combination with a suspender belt or corset. Suspender stockings are at their most beautiful when worn together with suspenders and a suspender belt. You can always use hold-ups, of course, but suspender stockings add just a little more flair to the ensemble. Suspender stockings are available in a wide variety of colours and designs. Mix and match for the most provocative effect!

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5. Crotchless tights

Crotchless tights are 'normal' tights, but with an open crotch. Crotchless tights are sexy and provocative and add to your feeling of excitement. Do you dare to wear them? We're sure you'll feel different!

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6. Knee socks

Nylon knee-socks are available in a wide variety of sizes, colours and designs. Knee socks are practical under a business suit, for example, though they can also be very sexy and alluring under a roleplay costume!

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7. Fishnet stockings and seamed stockings

Fishnet stockings and seamed stockings generally have an enchanting and erotic effect on men. Why? Because they are simply extremely provocative and alluring. It's beautiful leg fashion that will make your legs stand out in a way that catches the eye! Combine fishnet or seamed stockings with a pretty dress, pay close attention to its effect on your environment and make sure you're ready for an erotic night!

How to pick the perfect stockings to match your outfit?

When buying the perfect stockings there are several things to keep in mind. Here are some tips!

Right size

This is very important. If you buy tights that are too small, you'll run a great risk for ladders. The elasticity of the fabric is strained in such a way that it will 'run' at only the slightest touch. If you buy tights that are too big, they'll hang loose. And you don't want that either!

Right denier thickness

The thickness of your tights can make or break your outfit! Our rule of thumb? The more flesh is exposed at the top, the less denier your tights should be. So if you're wearing a sexy strapless dress, you should wear thin tights. Are you wearing a winter sweater on a skirt, or a woollen dress? 'Thicker' tights are perfect with that.

Right model

Which type of tights you'll be wearing depends on the occasion you'll wear it to. If it's work, you generally go for standard tights, but if you're going to a fun party or have an exciting date, you can go all out and wear hold-ups or suspender stockings. It's best to consider beforehand for which outfit you're looking for complementing stockings.

Right colour

1. Outfit as starting point
It's very important that your tights match the colour of your outfit. This isn't always easy. You can decide on a colour equal to your outfit, or go for a contrasting colour. Our recommendation? If you're wearing a dark outfit, dark tights provide the best results. If your clothes are in light colours, light or nude tights are a good match.

2. Shoes as starting point
When looking for the right colour stockings, you can also use your shoes as basis. For dark shoes you get dark tights and for light shoes, light tights. If your shoes are in a particularly expressive colour, you can match it to your tights. Please note, though: the 'fashion rule' is that your shoes can never be lighter than your tights! So if you're wearing red shoes, you can go for red or nude tights. If you're wearing dark tights with red shoes, you're completely off the mark!

Right material

As we mentioned before, tights with integrated Lycra are more comfortable and are nice and glossy. The same goes for elastane. Better quality often prevents tights from giving off fluff or becoming itchy. In addition, they often last longer and look better for a longer period of time, even after multiple washes.

Buying the perfect tights

With all the above information you should be able to buy the perfect tights. Need inspiration? Check out or extensive collection of tights and discover all the different colours, materials and designs. Who knows, your perfect tights might be among them!

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