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Besired Blacklabel lingerie collection

No matter whether you buy lingerie for yourself or for another person, its seductive touch lies in its detail. But how about a design which is not only seductive, but also sturdy, rebellious and designed with an elegant twist? Discover Besired's Blacklabel high-end lingerie labels Vanity, Delana, Avaritia and Desiris, each with their own WOW-factor.
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Besired's Blacklabel Vanity collection is all about elegance. The velvety soft satin combined with delicate lace is an ode to women, and luxurious, bronze-coloured details lend this collection its vintage chic. The rhinestone charm adds to the finishing touch.
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Besired’s Blacklabel Delana series presents tough, chic and hip lingerie. While its soft wet-look microfibre contrasts playfully with the fine embroidery, the addition of Lurex harmonizes with grey pearls, icicles and satin bows. Be en vogue: this lingerie is daring while at the same time fashionable. You'll absolutely want to show it!
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More about Besired

Besired is a trendy lingerie label well-known for its beautiful, stylish and romantic lingerie. Most sets mirror the French style thanks to the use of luxurious materials. Every design is frilly, seductive and sometimes even impressive and extravagant. Besired offers many different collections. The complete assortment includes pants, slips and strings, boxers, bras, corsets, suspenders and dresses. Curious to learn more? Discover the complete Besired collection online.