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Which nightclothes should I wear? Pyjamas, shortamas, slip dress or kimono?

There's a wide variety of nightwear for women. Want to know more about the trends? Do you want to know more about the differences between pyjamas, shortamas, slip dress, nightgown or nightdress, etc? Or are you look to answer the question: which nightclothes should I wear? Be sure to read on! Below you'll find all information on nightwear.

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Sexy versus comfortable

Before you buy nightclothes, it's good to determine if you want sexy or comfortable. Which type of nightwear is suitable strongly depends on the occasion. Even though sexy and comfortable go hand in hand nowadays, it's still strange to put on flannel pyjamas if you have a super hot date over, right?

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Types of nightclothes

Here you'll find an overview of the different types of nightclothes for women.

Nightshirt or nightgown

If you say nightgown or nightshirt, most women think of a long T-shirt, with short or long sleeves, worn as nightclothes. However, nowadays we see more and more sexy nightshirts and nightgowns with a good mix of comfortable and sexy. These look more like 'long nightgowns' with spaghetti straps and more exciting details. For women who like a change!

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A standard women's pyjamas consists of two parts: a top, shirt or jacket plus separate long pants. Nowadays there are many different versions of the standard women's pyjamas. Long pyjama pants are combined with sexy tops or short pants are combined with pyjama shirts. In the past, pyjamas were usually made of cotton or flannel. These days we also see a lot of satin, lace and a mix of materials. In addition, we see a shift from comfortable to sexy.

Are you going to buy pyjamas? Decide beforehand for which occasion you're buying your nightclothes. This will determine the model and the material

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Shortamas are a derivative of pyjamas. Shortamas are pyjamas consisting of a shirt or top and separate short pyjama bottoms or shorts. The name shortamas is a combination of the words 'pyjama' and 'short'. Shortamas are perfect for in the summer, or for those who are always feeling warm in bed.

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Slip dress

Originally a slip dress was a 'petticoat'. In the past, women wore a slip dress under thin, unlined dresses and/or skirts. The goal of a slip dress? To prevent a dress or skirt from being see-through. Gradually the slip dress 'disappeared' to the bedroom and now falls into the category of "sexy nightwear". From 2014 onward we can see the slip dress making a comeback into daily life, escaping the bedroom. One of the most recent winter trends, for example, was to combine a sexy slip dress with a bold, chunky-knit winter sweater and tall boots. Still, most women consider the slip dress to be bedroom clothes, as a slip dress is provocative and sexy, yet usually also comfortable and made of nice materials.

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In Japanese, Kimono literally means "that which someone is wearing" and is originally a traditional Japanese garment. In the category nightwear the kimono is inspired on the traditional Japanese design, but a little more practical, perhaps a little more erotic and definitely shorter! In addition to nightwear we also have kimono bathrobes.

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Exciting nightdress

Of course we also have nightclothes that are not intended to stay on all night. Exactly, erotic nightdresses and other provocative dresses that you'd most like someone to take off again as soon as possible. These alluring nightdresses are often made of sheer lace with a lot of provocative and sensual details.

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Tops & shorts

Mix & match! This nightwear category contains a lot of shorts combined with comfortable or sexy tops. Wonderful to wear on warm summer nights, as well as erotic nights of course. With tops and shorts you can select fixed combinations or mix and match as much as you like with some sets, so you'll always wear something different!

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Tips for purchasing nightclothes

Are you planning on buying new nightwear? We recommend you keep several things in mind as you're looking. Here are some tips:

Sexy or comfortable

The key question is if you want sexy or comfortable nightwear. This choice determines everything from design, colour, material to the amount of money you're willing to spend on it. So... decide!


Nightclothes are made of several different materials, or a combination thereof:

1. Cotton:
Most nightwear is made of cotton. Why? Cotton stays in shape longer, is comfortable and soft, is easy to wash and affordable.

2. Velvet:
This material is a little thicker than cotton and feels very soft. Velvet is favourite during cold winter months. A lot of loungewear is made of velvet, for instance.

3. Fleece:
Just like velvet it's the fabric of choice for cold winter days. Fleece is a popular choice for loungewear as well.

4. Satin:
This fabric is soft, supple and glossy. Satin is mostly used for provocative nightgowns, babydolls and other more erotically-inclined nightwear.

5. Lace:
Just like satin this material is used to create provocative, erotic and sensual nightwear.

6. Viscose:
This material is akin to cotton, it only creases more easily.


Depending on the occasion you can get pyjamas, a babydoll, negligé, nightgown, shortamas or other types of nightclothes. Easy!


It might not be something you considered immediately, but colour can be used to make a statement. Red nightclothes are provocative and alluring. Other colours, such as blue, black, grey and white, are safer. For many women, colour depends on what they're using it for. Are the nightclothes for 'personal use'? Then most women will go for a safe colour. Is the garment intended for 'common use'? Then most women often go for red or black.

Which nightwear suits me best?

Based on the tips above we hope you've found the answer to the question: which type of nightwear suits me best? Will you go for sexy or comfortable? Do you prefer certain materials? Do you prefer a certain model? And have you thought about the colour? The only thing stopping you now is the price tag. Otherwise it's an easy choice, right? We think that you have to feel confident, pretty and sexy in everything you wear. Check out our entire collection of nightwear .

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