Which plus-size bra suits me best?

If you have a large cup size it is sometimes difficult find a seductive bra that still offers proper support. At Pabo we have a large collection of larger size bras with a right fit and an alluring air. Which plus-size bra suits you best? That all depends on several factors. Below you will find all information on plus-size bras.


What do we consider a 'plus-size bra'?

When we say plus-size bra we generally mean a bra with a large cup size, for example Cup E, F, G and more. Some lingerie stores also call this category the E+ bras. Generally speaking, when we say plus-size bra when we actually mean a bra with a large cup.

Sometimes when we say 'plus size' we mean the relation of cup size to band size. In other words: if you have band size 32 with a cup size D we are still talking about a plus-size bra.

If we are referring to 'plus sizes' on this page, we mean bras with large cup sizes. If we are referring to the band size of a bra it will be specifically mentioned.

Striking details of plus-size bras

At Pabo we have a large collection of trendy and alluring bras that at the same time offer the proper support, especially designed for ladies with a little more up top. What are we looking for when gathering our collection? Several small but very important details:

1. Additional fortification of the cups straps

All our plus-size bras have extra strong cup straps, the straps that are used to finish the bra cups. These (almost invisible) straps ensure the cups are more sturdy. The use of fine materials ensures that our plus-size bras retain their sensual and seductive air.

2. Broad shoulder straps that still look amazing!

All plus-size bras in our collection have shoulder straps that are a little wider for perfect comfort during wear. Of course, we keep an eye on the bras to make sure they are titillating and provocative, even bras with broader shoulder straps!

3. Heavier materials

Fabric of a little heavier quality does not just provide additional support to the breasts but also ensures a beautiful and perfect fit. All plus-size bras at Pabo are made of a heavier quality fabric and are decorated with thrilling, sensual details that increase their allure.

4. Close-fitting cups

If you have large breasts, it is important that the cups closely fit to the breasts. The breasts should not bulge at the top, but you also don't want the cups to be too high. Larger breasts deserve to be wrapped in something special as well! At Pabo we select our plus-size bras based on shape and height of the cups, among other things. We want the cups to perfectly fit to the breasts without spoiling the provocative effect.

Which plus-size bra suits me best?

Want to buy a seductive yet comfortable bra online? This can be quite a challenge. There are several things you have to keep in mind. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the shape of your breasts?

  • What is your cup size?

  • What is your band size?

What is the shape of your breasts?

To get an answer to this question, visit the page 'Which type of bra suits me best?’ Here you can read all about the different types of breasts. And don't be surprised, because not all large breasts are melon shaped!
Which type of bra suits me best?

What is your cup size? What is your band size?

You can get an answer to these two questions by visiting the page 'Calculate bra size. Be sure to check out the tips and drawings on this page. With this you can determine whether you're wearing the right size bra, or if you need a different size after all.
Calculate bra size

Buy a plus-size bra?

Want to buy pretty, luxurious yet comfortable bras for larger sizes online? Pabo is the place to be! We have an extensive collection of trendy plus-size bras with a high fashion value. All plus-size bras offer proper support while at the same time looking sexy and alluring! Perfect!
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