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Shiatsu Massage Oil - Ecstasy Orange

£ 13.95

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Shiatsu massage oils come in five different stimulating fragrances that overpower your senses, arouse erotic feelings, and promote an exciting sex life! The Ecstasy Orange oil is perfect for a massage while, at the same time, nourishing the skin into a silky soft glow! Now select the fragrance that reflects your erotic thoughts! Dermatologically tested. Available in the following scents: Jasmin, Grapefruit, Roses and Ylang-Ylang.
For Jasmin – order no 27313
For Grapefruit – order no 27314
For Roses – order no 27315
For Ylang-Ylang – order no 27316
Product code: 237120000
EAN: 4042342000962
Content: 250 millilitre