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Masturbator Sex in a Can Sukit Draft

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Masturbator Sex in a Can Sukit Draft is yet another revolutionary invention by Fleshlight. Whenever you're thirsty, you'll want to grab a tinnie. Now, imagine you crave a blowjob, and also simply grab a tinnie. Insert your penis between the full lips and enjoy pure satisfaction. Quenching your thirst is nice, but with the Sex in a Can Sukit Draft it is even more enjoyable.
All Fleshlight masturbators are made from Superskin. The material is as lifelike as real flesh, and easy and smooth to clean.
Having sex with a Fleshlight is better than with a partner. The lifelike masturbator is so flexible that everything happens the way you want it to happen. You are in charge and command!
Brand Fleshlight 
Material composition Thermoplastic elastomer. 
Diameter outside 9.5 cm
Min. width (bottom) 6.0 cm
Min. width (top) 9.5 cm
Max. shaft length 23.0 cm
Diameter inside 8.5 cm
Min. shaft length 23.0 cm
Total length 27.0 cm
Product code 559188700 
EAN number 810476017941