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Product description
Interested in effective nipple suction? Look no further! Colt’s nipple Pro-Suckers feature a transparent chamber and corkscrew core which, when twisted, increases and decreases pressure to obtain the perfect suction level. The chunky twist tops make it easy to use. Just place the chamber's open end over a nipple (or wherever you please on the body) and twist the top in a clockwise motion. The more you twist, the more intense the sensation. For advanced users only, these nipple suckers do not feature a quick-release valve! When ready for removal, twist the tops anti-clockwise, or press the skin near the opening of the chamber to release the pressure and take the sucker off.
Brand Colt Gear 
Material composition 100% ABS. 
Diameter outside 4.0 cm
Total length 10.0 cm
Product code 472570200 
EAN number 716770086785