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Prostate stimulator - Anal Fantasy

P-Motion Massager

£ 67.95
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P-Motion Massager
£ 67.95
Product description
Always on the ready, the P-Motion Massager from Pipedream's Anal Fantasy series is easily and rapidly rechargeable! A full charge lasts up to two hours of fun, incredible thrills and explosive results, all easily controlled with the push of a button! Five powerful patterns of vibration get you ready to enter a world of bliss. This entry-level anal stimulator features a tapered tip to ease insertion and an angled head. The flexible mid-shaft rocker rolls up and down. Take the P-Motion in the shower or spa to turn bath time into pleasure time! The wide handle prevents the piece from slipping too far inside while still fitting comfortably between your cheeks. The elite silicone is phtalate-free, hypo-allergenic, super stretchy and made to play hard.
Inclkudes anal lube (10 ml), anal releaxation gel (10 ml), toy cleaner (30 ml) and 2 finger sleeves
Includes USB cable
The secret of enjoying anal pleasure is by taking it slowly. Since your behind is not used to having a finger or an object inserted, the sphincter muscle will automatically clench when you try to penetrate it. So, you have to learn to relax it. Have your partner get you nice and worked up with your favorite form of foreplay and then delicately massage the outer rim of the opening. When you're ready, have your partner slowly slip a finger in, only as far as is comfortable. Then, if you feel you're ready to move to something more exciting, try an in-between-sized sex toy specifically designed for up-the-butt action. After that, go for the real thing!
Brand Pipedream 
Collection Anal Fantasy 
Material composition 100% Silicone 
Diameter outside 3.5 cm
Max. shaft length 13.0 cm
Min. shaft length 13.0 cm
Power supply usb 
Rechargeable Yes 
Product code 463560200 
EAN number 603912363425