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BDSM-tool - Kink by Doc Johnson

Pinwheel Spike 5 Wheels

£ 27.95
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Pinwheel Spike 5 Wheels
£ 27.95
Product description
With a bark that's much louder than its bite, the Pinwheel Spike with 5 Wheels (5 x 22 spikes) from Doc Johnson’s Kink collection may look intimidating, but in actual fact it's oh-so-gentle. Treating the receiver to delicate prickly tickles, it leaves skin extra sensitive for subsequent strokes and kisses. Roll the spiky wheel over your lover's skin to treat them to a sensory delight unlike any other. No pressure is required: simply allow the wheels own weight do all the work and trace over sensitive areas to awaken their nerve endings. Follow up with kisses, licks or feather tickler strokes to take full advantage of your partner's newly receptive skin.
Brand Doc Johnson 
Collection Kink 
Material composition 100% Silicone 
Diameter outside 4.0 cm
Total length 18.0 cm
Product code 799604100 
EAN number 782421059798