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Anal Lube - Siliconebased - JO

Premium Lube Anal Cool

£ 16.95
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Premium Lube Anal Cool
£ 16.95
Product description
The Premium Anal Lubes are thicker than normal lubricants and have the highest viscosity of all JO silicone-based lubricants. Cool is a cool lubricant for anal intercourse and does not contain any numbing ingredients. This ensures optimal intense contact during sex. Also available as Premium Anal Original and Premium Anal Warming.
Anal lubricant with cooling effect
Extra thick substance, optimal viscosity
100% safe to use with latex condoms
Retains its effect in water
Compatible to use with non-silicone toys
Content 60.0 millilitre 
Product code 436560000 
EAN number 796494402085