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Modifast Protein Diet Milkshake Chocolate

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Modifast is a dietary product that comes in the form of a protein milkshake that helps with weight loss by acting as a meal replacement. The chocolate flavour is super delicious, healthy and full of proteins that help keeping your muscles healthy. With the Modifast method you combine three rigorous days with two lighter days while in the weekend you can eat back to normal. It is easy to maintain this diet and to prevent the well-known yo yo effect by alternating strict days dieting with lighter days.
The ProtiPlus protein diet pros:
Quick results
Protects your muscles
No constant hunger
Simple, practical and easy to fit into your daily life
Accounted for by the addition of high-quality protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals
A 4-week study in France among 47 women with an average BMI of 27 showed: An average weight loss of 1.3 kg after 1 week. After 4 weeks, the average weight loss was 2.87 kg, with a maximum of 6.5 kilos.
Product code: 292130000
EAN: 5410063012707
Content: 540 gram