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Rope Flogger

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Product description
The Rope Flogger from Evolved’s Scarlet Couture Bondage collection is perfect for a wide variety of satisfying sensations. Thew soft cotton flogger can be trailed across your lover's skin to titillate the nerve-endings, or flicked across their fleshiest parts for a sharper sting. How you wield it is down to you... 10 cotton fronds offer a gentler feeling than those of the larger, more advanced floggers, making it ideal for a first-time whipping. An easy-grip handle and cotton wrist loop mean that it is easy to use for any novice Dom, and can be easily stored. Perfect for beginner's bondage play, this Scarlet Couture Bondage flogger is both stylish and effective.
With 10 fronds
With wrist loop
Can be used from both sides
Brand Evolved 
Material composition 100% leather. 
Total length 60.0 cm
Product code 466570200 
EAN number 0844477006147