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Choose the perfect condom

Safe sex is a hot item ! The advice is : use a condom . When you buy condoms it is convenient that you know your condom size .There are condoms in all shapes and sizes . Pabo has a wide range of condoms including ribbed condoms, flavored condoms , ultrathin and XL condoms. How do you find your ideal condom size ? Where can you use the different condoms for ? And finally: what is the best way to put on a condom ?

Read all the tips about condoms and their use...

condom size

1. How do I select the right size condom?

The perfect condom is not too tight and not too loose. Want to buy condoms, but unsure of the right size? Don’t sweat it, here you’ll find some tips and a table to determine the correct size!

Condom sizes

What do you have to measure?

When determining the right condom size, the circumference of the erect penis is very important, while the length of the penis is less so. If the condom is bit too long you simply don’t roll it all the way down.

Why is the right condom size important?

It does not just increase your pleasure as you make love, but also ensures better protection during sex.

Tight or roomy?

Of course it’s not good if it’s too tight or too roomy, but a slightly tight condom ensures that you can maintain your erection – and orgasm! – longer, which is definitely a plus. A roomy condom causes more friction which results in an erection and orgasm faster, which might be to your advantage. In short, it’s a very personal choice and there are many options; it all depends on your sexual

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2. How do I put on a condom?

The internet is full of instructions about how to properly put on a condom. The most repeated complaint is that someone “can’t manage to put on a condom.” Below you’ll find a short list of instructions on how to put a condom on a man:

Wait until the erection is complete, so when the penis is fully erect.
Take the condom out of the package without tearing it.
Take the condom at the tip and make sure the rolled up part is on the outside. If you’re holding it right, the condom looks like a little hat with a brim.
Push the foreskin back and settle the condom on the glans.
Roll down the condom as far it goes with the other hand.
After achieving orgasm, immediately take the penis out, before the penis becomes soft again.
Remove the condom, tie a knot in it and throw it in the trash.

This way you can quickly, easily and safely put on a condom without disturbing the sex too much.

3. Different types of condoms (and their uses)

Nowadays condoms have been optimised a lot. The times that standard condoms were all there was are a thing of the past. Good thing, too, as safe sex with a condom has become a lot more fun that way. In addition, you can add something extra to your sex life by using stimulating condoms. Below you will find more information about the various available condoms and what you can use them for!

Did you know? It’s best to use your condoms in combination with lubricant? Sex will become a lot more intense and pleasurable that way!

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Regular condoms

The most used condoms are latex condoms. These condoms are sturdy, stretchy and great if you’re not completely sure about your size. Please note: never use oil-based lubricant in combination with latex condoms. The oil will dissolve the latex, with disastrous consequences.

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Extra large condoms (XXL condoms)

Are you a little bigger? Then the extra-large condom, the so-called XXL condoms, might be best for you. These condoms are designed for men with a penis of at least 18 cm or longer.

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Ultra thin condoms

You will hardly feel the extra thin condoms, while they still offer the best protection for safe sex. If you’re not a big fan of condoms but still have various sexual partners, an extra thin condom might be a good choice for you. Try them…

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Flavoured condoms

For oral sex you can use flavoured condoms. You can choose from various fruit flavours such as strawberry, raspberry and much more. However, nowadays there are also liquorice-flavoured condoms, if you want…

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Ribbed & dotted condoms

Stimulating condoms are available in, for example, ribbed or dotted condoms. The ribs and dots increase the sensations during sex. Nice and relaxing and very surprising! Try it!

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Lubricated condoms

If you’re not a fan of a separate lubricant, but without it the condom doesn’t smoothly go in, perhaps a lubricated condom is the solution. Generally speaking, these are latex condoms with a silicone-based or water-based lubricant. There are also latex-free lubricated condoms. Check the package to see which is which.

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