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Everyone knows Durex! The sound of the name causes grins and smirks as people immediately think of the famous condoms. But few are the ones who also know about Durex’ lubricants and toys. And yet Durex offer a wide array of products to enrich lovemaking or solo adventures.
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Play 2-1

So many Durex lubricants make it difficult to choose. But if you want to test just one, go for Durex Play 2-1, which is lubricant and massage gel in one. Durex Play 2-1 is not sticky, easy to wash off, won’t stain and can be used all over your body as well as in intimate areas.


Durex lubricants give new meaning to the word sensational! Take your time to find out whether you prefer a lube with a warming effect or one that creates a tingling sensation. Or simply use both together. A dab here and a splash there… Check out your reaction when the two combine!


Add another dimension to oral play with the delicately flavoured lubricants from Durex for an arousing aromatherapy experience. Consider a squirt of Sweet Strawberry or Crazy Cherry on your own big banana.
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Intensify your orgasms

Durex Orgasm Intense condoms are shaped, textured, and lubricated to fully satisfy both partners. These amazing condoms have been dermatologically treated for a heating, cooling or tingling effect.

Thin condoms

Durex Invisible condoms are the thinnest condoms you can get your hands on. Because they're so thin, the sex feels more intense and natural. You will never want any other!
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As the world’s No. 1, Durex test their condoms rigorously to guarantee the highest safety standards possible. Durex condoms are designed for unforgettable experiences while being protective and fun. When quality matters, Durex is a reliable choice!


If you think variety is the spice of life, then the Durex big bumper packs are something for you. Flavoured condoms, with studs and ridges, ultra-thins or extra-lubricated condoms. Get a pack for yourself or gift one to your partner(s).
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Durex’ sex toys are designed for increased fun and pleasure during an erotic pas de deux or as thrilling addition for your relation. Durex also manufacture wonderful toys for your solo adventures. Combine those with Durex lubricants for additional pleasure.
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