How do you select the right lubricant?

As mentioned before, lubricant adds an extra dimension to your sex life. Shake off the dullness and try it. Which lubricant should you use? Here you will find more information about lubricant in general, why and for what you can use it and the types of lubricant. Which lubricant is the best option for you (and your partner) is personal. With this information we hope we can simplify your choice.

using lubricant

Less pain
Lubricant ensures that you feel less pain during sex. For example, if your vagina remains dry for a longer period of time (a normal thing as you become older), the inside will be damaged during penetration, and the intercourse will start to hurt. Lubricant is the solution!

More intense, more sensual
Lubricant makes a bout of heavy petting more sensual and intense. If your vagina is nice and moist, you don't feel as much pain and you can enjoy it without restraint. There are various types of lubricants, and they're all perfect for either a long-lasting sex session or a "quickie".

Aid with vaginismus
Pain during sex can lead to vaginismus. Vaginismus is a type of contraction of the muscles around the vagina that makes penetration very painful or even impossible. Use lubricant to alleviate the pain during penetration. If you feel less pain, you can slowly let go of the fear of pain and enjoy having sex again. That way, vaginismus can lessen over time.

Practical in using a condom
Are you using a condom? Then lubricant is almost a must. A condom is rather dry, making the penetration a bit rough sometimes. If your vagina is not moist enough it can be painful rather quickly, taking the pleasure out of the sex. A small drop of lubricant can do wonders. Try it sometime!

How do you use lubricant?
Open the package (tube or bottle) and slowly dribble lube on the penis or in the vagina. Of course, you can also use your fingers to put the lubricant around the penis or vagina. If there's enough lube in and around the vagina or penis you're ready for the next step. In case of anal use, you also follow the steps above. In case of combined anal and vaginal sex it is important to first apply the lubricant around the vagina and penis before using anal lube; that way you prevent a bladder infection (caused by bowel bacteria ending up in the vagina).

Want to rinse lubricant off your skin? In case of water-based lubricant that's no problem. It's easy to wash off your body. Did you use silicone-based lubricant? Rinse off your body with water and soap. Please note that normal soap can disrupt the acidic balance of the vagina. We recommend you use a special vaginal wash emulsion to prevent infections.

Types of lubricant

Water-based lubricant
This type of lubricant is usually the cheapest. It is very suitable for use in combination with sex toys because it does not affect the latex and silicone. Water-based lubricant dries up a little more quickly, sometimes feels a bit sticky, but is easy to wash off your body.

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Silicone-based lubricants
This type of lubricant feels a bit thicker, softer and glides longer. Benefits? You don't need a lot of it, and it's the perfect lubricant for use in the bath or shower! Silicone-based lubricant is a little more expensive than water-based lubricant, but does not work well with sex toys: something to keep an eye on.

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Hybrid lubricants (combination of water and silicone)
Hybrid lubricant is a combination of water-based lubricant with silicone-based lubricant. It feels like silicone-based lubricant with the benefits of water-based lubricant. It's actually the best of both worlds: it glides better (thanks to the silicone), is easy to wash off (thanks to the water) and can also be used in combination with sex toys. In short: the perfect lubricant! The brands? We have hybrid lubricants by TOYJOY, JO and Mister B, amongst others.

Stimulating lubricant
A stimulating lubricant adds and extra dimension to the sex and can cause several different sensations. There are warming lubricants, lubricants that leave a tingling feeling across the entire body or even cooling lubricants. The best stimulating lubricant? That's a personal matter. Our recommendation? Try them all and pick your favourite! Stimulating lubricant is available in both water-based and silicone-based varieties. Stimulating lubricants are just as safe as normal lubricants, but add just a little extra to the experience. Below you will find more information about the different types of stimulating lubricants.

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Warming lubricants
This lubricant gives a warm tingling feeling when it touches skin. The effect? The penetration feels even more intense. Some variants can also be used as massage oil for a warm tingling feeling across the entire body. Nice to spice things up!

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Cooling lubricants
Cooling lubricant is a stimulating lubricant, either water based, silicone based or hybrid, with a cooling effect. The cooling effect gives a tingling feeling over the entire body during sex, it's amazing!

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2-in-1 lubricants (with massage gel)
With 2-in-1 lubricant you enjoy a nice and intimate massage as foreplay and you're all set for some good sex as well. This product is both massage oil and lube in one. 2-in-1 products are usually water based, so they're not greasy and/or sticky. They're perfect for use in combination with condoms and sex toys.

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Flavoured lubricants
Another type of lubricant is flavoured, edible lube. This lubricant is suitable for oral, vaginal and anal sex and safe to be used in combination with latex condoms and/or sex toys. Often you can choose from cherry, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, etc. The top sellers? Strawberry-flavoured lubricants!

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Anal lubricants
Anal lubricant is generally a little thicker than other variants sometimes has a mild numbing effect. Well-known brands that offer anal lubricants are Hot, JO, Aquaglide, Mister B and Pjur.

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Lubricants especially for women
Physical changes can affect the moistness of the woman during sex. That is why there are lubricants especially designed for women, including lube for menopausal women and a lubricant for pregnant women. As all women respond differently to a lubricant, we recommend that you try out different types and brands. Find out your personal favourite.

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Lubricants especially for men
It's less common than with women, but men can also suffer from pain during or after sex. One solution could be to use enough lubricant. It ensures penetration during sex is more smooth and prevents a possible rough and pinching feeling.

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Did you know?

That one drop of lubricant on the inside of a condom can greatly increase the man's pleasure during sex?

I want lubricant for:

Vaginal sex ➜ Use water-based lubricant or silicone-based lubricant.
Sex toys ➜ Use water-based lubricant.
Masturbation (man) ➜ Use water-based lubricant.
Anal sex ➜ Use anal lubricant or silicone-based lubricant.
Anal sex toys ➜ Use anal lubricant or water-based lubricant.