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With lubricant you will add a new dimension to your love life! Today’s lubricants are available in different flavours and for various purposes. You can even use most lubricants as massage gel. They are gentle to your skin and smooth to the touch. Find out with our tips which lubricant is right for you.

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More Emotion
Lubricants are amazingly smooth, and mositurize your skin. From time to time, your vagina can be rather dry. In such a case, a lubricant can help to prevent pain, so you can enjoy making love without feeling tense.

More intense and sensual
A multitude of lubricants exist to provide more moisture and variety. From a quickie to a love marathon – there is a lubricant for any situation.

Take it easy
Painful intercourse can lead to unpleasant muscle spasms or even a form of vaginismus (involuntary vaginal muscle spasms which can occur in various frequency and intensity). A lubricant can ease the pain and help you to relax.

Can be used in combination with condoms
Condoms are usually coated with lubricant. However, after some time, condoms will become dry. With a lubricant, you will provide long-lasting hydration.

Using a lubricant the right way
Open the packaging (tube or bottle) and pour the lubricant on penis or vagina. Use your hands to distribute it evenly. After having applied enough lubricant you are good to go.

For anal penetration the same applies. Use enough lubricant on the anal area and you are ready to go. If you are not sure whether anal or vaginal intercourse will be involved, apply the lubricant to the anal area first, and after that on the vagina. This will minimize the risk of bacteria from the anal region ending up in the vaginal area.

Cleaning and Care
Rinsing the lubricant after use is quite simple. Silicone-based lubricant is easy to rinse with soap and water. For water-based lubricant, all you need is water.
LP_Glijmiddel_Row3 Water-based lubricants
Normally, water-based lubricant ist the most favourable option. It is safe to use in combination with almost any toy since it affects neither silicone nor latex. Water-based lubricants can be used on the whole body but typically they dry out fast and have a tendency of becoming sticky.

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LP_Glijmiddel_Row4 Silicone-based lubricants
A silicone-based lubricant has a somewhat thicker texture than a water-based lubricant. It feels amazingly soft and smooth against your skin, provides long-lasting lubricity and is economically in use. It can also be used under the shower or in the tub. However, silicone-based lubricants cannot be used with most love toys.

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LP_Glijmiddel_Row5 Hybrid lubricant
A hybrid lubricant is a lubricant based on a combination of silicone and water. It combines the smooth and soft feeling of silicone-based lubricants with the advantages of water-based lubricants. Thanks to the silicone, hybrid lubricants provide long-lasting lubricity and are as easy to clean up as water-based lubricants. Hybrid lubricants can be used in combination with love toys.

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LP_Glijmiddel_Row6 2-in-1 lubricants
2-in-1 lubricants combine massage gel and lubricant. They will take you smoothly from foreplay to climax. Most 2-in-1 lubricants are water-based, oil- and fat-free, neither tacky nor sticky and can gently be massaged on the whole body. They combine well with love toys and condoms.

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LP_Glijmiddel_Row7 Stimulating lubricant
Stimulating lubricants ad dan extra kick to your lovemaking. Stimulating lubricants are available with a warming or a cooling effect. On top of that, you can even get sensual lubricants for a tingling sensation on the whole body. They are available as water- or silicone-based and the only difference towards normal lubricants are the additional effects.

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LP_Glijmiddel_Row8 Warming lubricant
These lubricants leave a warming sensation on your skin. This does not only feel pleasant but intensifies bloodflow and sensitivity. Ensure variety and indulge with a warming sensation.

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LP_Glijmiddel_Row9 Cooling lubricant
Cooling lubricant, no matter whether water- or silicone-based, provides a tingling sensation on your skin. The cooling is more than a refreshing kick – it sensitizes your skin to touch.

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LP_Glijmiddel_Row10 Lubricants with a flavour
If you have a sweet tooth, you'll adore flavoured lubricants. Use them for both anal or vaginal intercourse, just like any other lubricant. Obviously, a flavoured lubricant reveals its gustatory highlight during oral sex. They are mostly water-based and can be used in combination with love toys and condoms.

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LP_Glijmiddel_Row11 Anal lubricant
Usual, anal lubricants have a somewhat thicker texture than the typical lubricant. Additionallky, they provide a light numbing effect. Well-known brands are, among others, Hot, JO, Aquaglide, Mister B and Pjur.

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LP_Glijmiddel_Row12 Lubricants for women
As women age, bodily changes can effect the moisturization of the female genital area. Therefore, certain lubricants are especially designed with the woman in mind. Particularly during pregnancy or menopause, the female body can make higher demands. Try out lubricants especially designed for women; you may find the perfect gel for the exact needs of your body.

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LP_Glijmiddel_Row13 Lubricants for men
Even men can experience pain during intercourse. In most cases, the reason for pain is lack of mositure. Therefore, a lubricant will enhance the pleasures of any man – just take a look around!

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