With more than 20 years of designing and producing sex toys under their belt, Fun Factory can truly call themselves expert. Their core trademark: fun and pleasure-increasing toys for singles and couples. Their trump-card: the quality of their chosen materials (usually silicone) and their innovative designs and techniques. With their vibrators and dildos Fun Factory have taken the leading position and with the launch of their pulsators they aim at least as high. Fun Factory manage everything on their own: design, production, quality control, storage, packaging and delivery.


A collection of luxurious vibrators which can make the difference between enjoyment and ecstasy. Made in mysterious black with high-quality finishing.


Innovative and ergonomic toys which bring new rhythms into your lovemaking. Pulsators contain a metal ball which moves up and down, mimicking the in and out thrust motions of Real Live Sex. The speed ranges from gentle to powerful. Fun Factory have designed three pulsators: Stronic Eins for vaginal enjoyment in ten whisper-quiet pulsating rhythms. Stronic Drei: experience and enjoy a powerful G-spot orgasm in ten whisper-quiet pulsating rhythms. BiStronic Fusion: vibration and pulsation combined, so you have no less than 78 different sensations. Best of all, you can enjoy this hands-free!


Fun Factory vibrators will win you over with their shape, functionality and female colours. For any taste there is at least one vibrator, for your convenience divided into different collections: DeLuxe Vibes, luxurious vibrators keenly making the difference between enjoyment and ecstasy; Smart Vibes, versatile vibrators with a powerful, whisper-soft motor and; Free Vibes, flexible and discrete vibrators which invite you to experiment.


Smart balls from Fun Factory come in two different designs. The uno variant has one ball while the duo variant is equipped with two balls. By tensing your intimate muscles round the Smart Balls you can train your pelvic floor muscles, and these will increase the sexual sensation and your orgasmic potential. Regular exercises will increase your vagina's sensitivity resulting in a more powerful orgasm. At the same time, wearing the Smart Balls increases your sexual consciousness.


Anal stimulation is exciting, as much for him as it is for her. Fun Factory have designed an eye-catching line of anal stimulators, subdivides into the varieties Strong, Deluxe, Smart, Stubs, CoupleTOYS. The absolute favourite in this assortment are the Bootie (in three sizes), the B-Balls and the Flexi Felix.


Fun Factory are well aware that most men are interested in sex as well as in technology. Combining both is key, so they present their prostate stimulators which are sophisticated masterpieces with ergonomic design. The innovative glans masturbator is as lovely as the juiciest blowjob.