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The art of seduction is often in small things: a tasty dish, a nice bottle of wine, candles and of course, a sexy dress! Surprise your partner with an exciting dress for a romantic night out, a fun party or if you want to seduce him simply at home. Our advice? Keep it simple! Choose a stylish dress with a sexy twist, such as a sexy neckline or an open back. Complete your outfit with a pair of beautiful stockings and suspenders, plus high heels of course! So you can turn something ordinary, into something special. Do it! Be inspired
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Wear every man’s secret dream
Sexy lingerie makes you feel delightfully different and this has an effect on your sex life! Our suggestion? Surprise your partner and wait for him in a seductive Body, or an exciting Suspender Cami. Try erotic a Wetlook set or perhaps something else that your partner cannot resist. You will radiate a certain mischievousness and he will not be able to keep his eyes and hands off you. This is the tip for a wonderful, spontaneous, erotic and surprising evening with an absolutely dynamite end for both. Be seductive. Success is guaranteed.
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For explosive results
This can be exciting for both of you equally. Just getting accustomed to the roles, but do vary. Being a woman does not mean you shouldn’t take the lead. And you do not have to use kinky whips, handcuffs and the like. No, just be sexy, initimate and compel him! We bet that the result is amazing. In many relationships the man automatically takes the lead, but oooh so exciting and thrilling if you turn the tables. Hence our advice: Take control! Expand your horizons. Dare to experiment and take the lead and treat your partner to an explosive result. Bet you, in future, he often chooses you as the Captain ...
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Discover the new collection Kamasutra
The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text book on the Art of Love. The book beautifully highlights and describes, in detail, various sexual techniques. Have you read it yet? If not, no worries! There are lots of special Kama Sutra products available that will bring back the romance in your sex life. So inspiring, very different and really surprising! Our advice? Give them a go! Spoil yourself and your partner 365 days a year with these, delicious exotic and erotic products.
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A bonus under the covers
Be creative and keep your sex life exciting by experimenting together and continuing to dream up new ideas. This may, for example, mean introducing sex toys, such as a vibrator into your love life. They give a different excitement and surprise to your, perhaps, normal routine. Of course, a vibrator can be great for solo sex, but just as exciting and thrilling during joint lovemaking. There are also special couple toy s and vibrators with remote control. Once past the barrier they will do wonders for your love life. Check out the possibilities and make it exciting.
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Passion for lips
In 2015, the first World Kiss Day was celebrated, but actually we should celebrate everyday. Dive in and test out several kiss-arts (eg those of Kama Sutra) and keep your sex life healthy and above all exciting. Tip! Use Shunga Lip Gloss and give your partner an oral spoiling. He or she will experience true tingling sensations.
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explore and experiment together
For once, give your partner a real surprising gift in the form of a Sex Toy Box. Nice to get and even more fun to share. Experiment with erotic things… love balls, a massage oil candle, a vibrating cock ring, plus all kinds of other fun and exciting toys that are found in a Sex Toy Box. You get to know each other even better! Bet you both reach an all time high thanks to the Box of Toys. Bring creativity back into your sex life and choose a Sex Toy Box here that suits you.
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Where hear and feel together
The art of Sex highlights the importance of knowing what the other finds thrilling. Then you can both enjoy giving each other pleasure. Our advice? Give instructions with words and / or just sounds. Make clear what you like, what you really enjoy and when you are nearly at your peake of climax. Tip! With the game Ultimate Desire, you learn everything about your partner. The questions are discretly formulated giving tasks that can be fiery, tender, exciting and daring!
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Giving your partner satisfaction orally is the ultimate of love making (and delight!). Did you know that there are many products which make oral gratification more intense? For example, start with a delicious edible and lickable massage oil. Lubricate your partner from head to toe, starting at the neck, then shoulders and then slowly downwards. End the erotic massage with an amazing oral climax … and then swap around. A delicious combination of sex and relaxation.
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The wonder world of BDSM
The world of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism and Masochism) is both enticing and challenging! Wonderful games which combine power with pain and sexual pleasure. Add a new dimension to your sex life and experiment with BDSM toys such as, bondage sets, handcuffs and whips. Are you a beginner? Opt for soft SM toys. The more experienced can opt for extreme toys. Step here into the wonderful world of BDSM.