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Sex game

Sexy Feather Tickler

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Product description
Every toy box should contain a feather tickler, and that's a fact. Whether your date is about hardcore BDSM or romantic lovemaking, ToyJoy’s fluffy Feather Tickler lends itself perfectly to torturous teasing and intimate caressing alike. Unlike many feather ticklers which feature a long slender handle, things are simple with a short handle for maximum closeness and easy transport. Disproportionate to the itty-bitty handle, we've loaded the top with an abundance of super-soft feathers for widespread sensations and maximum arousal. To enhance the effects even further, ask your partner to wear a blindfold. Their lack of vision instantly heightens overall receptiveness to touch, ensuring each tickle and stroke drives them wild.
Material composition 100% ABS 
material abs feather 
Best for body 
Product code 558192000 
EAN number 8713221461285