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Miscellanea - 210th

Shower Cream

£ 24.95
Limited availability
Shower Cream
£ 24.95
Product description
The 210th Experience Shower Cream is infused with a deliciously exotic fragrance, with hints of linden blossom, freesia, amber, musk, and vanilla. Simply apply to your skin and massage gently creating a soft and rich lather, then rinse off. The rich shower cream creates a wonderful sensation and nourishes the skin, and is particularly effective when used with the 210th body cream (product code 38396). Created by Sofie Rockland, 210th is a range of erotic and indulgent bedroom and bathroom accessories.
Each box has a QR code inside with a 210th 'assignment'
Brand 210th 
Content 150.0 millilitre 
Product code 384460000 
EAN number 8718564340013