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Steel Power Tools Stainless Steel Scissor Clamp Grey

£ 15.95

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This Stainless Steel Scissor Clamp features an offset handle with ratcheted teeth so the ends can be held in position on your chosen body part; typically the nipples, labia, and foreskin. Soft rubber ends that will grip the skin and prevent the clamp slipping. For more experienced BDSM connoisseurs who love the feel of bare metal on skin, the rubber clamp ends can be removed. Work hard. Play hard. Stainless steel tools, built for pleasure, built to last. Explore your harder side with STEEL POWER TOOLS.
Clamp the nipples, labia, clitoris and foreskin
Made from high grade stainless steel
Ratcheted teeth for graduated clamping
Product code: 351071100
Total length 16.5 cm
Material 100% metal.
EAN: 8717344175760