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Lube - Waterbased - Hot

Superglide Flavoured Lubricant

£ 7.95
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Superglide Flavoured Lubricant
£ 7.95
Product description
Turn every blowjob into a tasty feast with this stimulating flavoured lube! The water based lube is safe to use with condoms and toys. Stays slick and lasts for ages. Superglide Flavoured Lubricant is available in these more-ish flavours: cherry, pineapple, coconut, raspberry and strawberry. Dermatologically tested.
Order cherry: 01698 Order coconut: 01699 Order pineapple: 01700 Order raspberry: 01701 Order strawberry: 01702
Brand Hot 
Content 75.0 millilitre 
Product code 017020000 
EAN number 4042342001488