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Lube - Waterbased - Hot

Superglide Water Based Lubricant

£ 6.95
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Superglide Water Based Lubricant
£ 6.95
Product description
Superglide Water Based Lubricant from Hot Products has been a Eurpean best seller for years! This top quality personal lubricant for all uses is a liquid gel specifically designed to maintain the body's pH values. This lube eases all types of sexual intercourse and does not affect condoms or sex toys. Dermatologically tested and suitable for people with sensitive skin.
Superglide Lubricant:
Suitable for use with all toys, condoms and skin types
Water based
100 ml: Product code 22754
Brand Hot 
Content 30.0 millilitre 
Ideal for vagina 
operation caring 
Product code 235360000 
EAN number 4042342000436