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Tenga U.S. Masturbator Soft Tube Cup
It looks like an ordinary tube, but don't be fooled. Once the cap is removed, you are ready to plunge inside the ultimate stroker. Designed to mimic a hot, willing pussy, you're sucked inside until you explode with a knee buckling orgasm. Tenga takes masturbation to the next level!

Tip: Don’t forget to order your lubricant… And enjoy it to the max!

This quality product from TENGA should only be used once. Delay ejaculation or use condoms to extend its usage.
Designed to mimic a hot, hungry pussy
Product code: 043440000
Min. width (bottom) 5.0 cm
Min. width (top) 7.0 cm
Min. shaft length 15.0 cm
EAN: 4560220550137