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    We are always looking for Affiliate partners! Our affiliate programme provides the perfect win-win situation that leave all parties happy and satisfied. You get something back for your promotion. This could add up to 20% from the order value. Our goal is to give everyone a happy sex life. Customers of Beate Uhse are looking for an exciting adventure, and you can contribute to this. For example, with the content you write or the informative video’s you make. Our growing collection, currently over 14000 products, means there is something for everyone.

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    Interested? In the following roadmap you can easily start your Pabo? adventure:

    • Step 1: Register here. To keep our collaboration as efficient and clear possible we use the platform Awin. Awin provides payments, tracking, insights in data and so much more.

    • Step 2: After you get approved by Awin, you then need to apply for our Beate Uhse program in Awin (ID 24660).

    • Step 3: Promoting Beate Uhse! This is where the affiliate links come in. By sharing these links in the content you make These links you can easily put in the content you write. Do you need any help with this? No problem, we are more than happy to help you. Do you already have existing content? It is even easier, you can put the links in that content.

    • Step 4: Enjoy all the exciting highs together with Pabo?!

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    Of course we want to make this a success just as much as you do. Our colleagues Robin Bodde and Jos van der Veen have the expertise and insights to make this adventure as pleasant as possible for you. Do you already have questions? Please feel free to contact Robin Bodde (robin.bodde@edc.nl) or Jos van der Veen (jos.vanderveen@edc.nl).


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