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Anal Fantasy Anal EZ Grip beads Black
Anal EZ Grip Beads from the Anal fantasy series by Pipedream. Looking for a toy to reach your limits or to go beyond? The anal EZ grip beads are just what you are looking for. The tapered head allows for easy entry. Pressing this tip softly against your anus is almost enough to make the beads enter. Each bead teases and stimulates your sphincter. The flexible silicone shaft bends with your body’s contours to hit just the right spot, while the ergonomic retrieval loop offers easy handling and safe removal. Insert as many beads as you feel comfortable with before gently pulling the EZ-Grip handle, slowly removing one bead at a time. Try tugging your EZ-Grip Beads mid-orgasm for the most explosive climax you’ve ever imagined!

Tip: Don’t forget to order your lubricant… And enjoy it to the max!

Tapered head for easy entry
4 graduated beads
EZ-Grip handle for perfect grip and easy retraction
Includes anal lubricant (10 ml), anal desensitizing gel 910 ml), toy cleaner (30 ml) and 2 finger sleeves
The secret of enjoying anal pleasures is taking your time. If you are not fully relaxed, you cannot enjoy anal penetration. Licking the anus, fingering or putting on anal desensitizing cream is the perfect way to relax and stimulate the sphincter. As soon as the muscle relaxes, penetration with the penis or a toy is possible and feels great.
Product code: 463550200
Diameter outside 3.0 cm
Max. shaft length 18.0 cm
Min. shaft length 18.0 cm
Material 100% Silicone.
EAN: 0603912363418