Pabo, one of the leading retailers in the BeNeLux is part of the Beate Uhse group – Europe’s Number 1 in the erotic business. Beate Uhse acquired Pabo (BeNeLux) and Adam et Eve (FR) to spread her message in neighboring countries. With our new ‘’Be You’’ concept we will continue the mission of Beate Uhse. To give you an impression of this outstanding woman here is a short story of her life:


Beate Uhse, the entrepreneur, pilot, women’s and sexual liberation leader, founded our exceptional group.

Born in 1919, pilot at 17, stunt film pilot at 18 and the only female WWII pilot. Single mother, independent women’s liberation, sexual awareness and health campaigner. Black marketeer, business pioneer and global sex entrepreneur.

She founded “BETU” in 1946, the world’s first erotic retailer, then further developed her business in her name. Her life, beliefs and attitude to, “take people for what they are and give them what they want”, provides the continued inspiration and motivation, to maintain the Beate Uhse Group, as Europe’s leading erotic retailer.

Our group is now launching the “Be You” concept based on our Beate’s inspirational attitude to life.

Beate Uhse, The Original Erotic Brand.