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    Clutch me - Black/Purple

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    Product number : KIN-36848-black-purple
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    Product information

    • Provides support during sex and allows for deeper penetration
    • Suitable for the doggy position
    • Perfect for intense G-spot stimulation
    • Also suitable for other positions, such as the rider position
    • Colour: Purple

    Want to take control of the reins? You can do it now with the positioning strap from k;ink. It provides more support for sex positions and allows you to get even closer to each other for deeper penetration.

    The soft strap can be placed around the waist of the passive partner, for example, in the doggy position, while the active partner holds onto the handles and can enter anally or vaginally from behind in a controlled manner. This allows for a more targeted stimulation of the G-spot or prostate. But the strap can also be used for other positions, such as the rider position. The woman sits on top of the man, while the strap lies underneath him and she holds onto it. Now she can take the reins in her hands and move at her own pace.

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    Sizes & specifications

    Product information

    • Product number: KIN-36848-black-purple
    • Brand: k;nk
    • Colour: Purple, Black

    More specifications

    • Weight: 55 gram
    • Origin: China
    • EAN: 4260542078431

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