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    Fleshlight - Pink Lady Vortex

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    Product number : FL810476017644
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    Product information

    • Realistic design
    • Strong suction power
    • Stimulating structure
    • Life-like feel
    • Removable sleeve
    • Colour: Pink

    Fleshlight - Pink Lady Vortex

    The first of a new class of insert sleeves that not only features incredibly stimulating textures, but also variation in the diameter of the channel, the Vortex's four spiral chambers will take you to dizzying pleasure. After more than a year of development, this sleeve is designed to create a ​​mesmerizing combination of texture, suction and an unforgettable squeezing effect as you pass through each pleasure chamber. Already ranked as one of the most pleasurable sleeves, whether you are an experienced customer or new to Fleshlight products, the Vortex will blow away your expectations.

    Channel Diameter: 0.5 cm to 2 cm
    Length: 25.5 cm
    Diameter: 10 cm to 6.5 cm

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    Sizes & specifications

    Product information

    • Product number: FL810476017644
    • Brand: Fleshlight
    • Colour: Pink
    • Warranty: Yes
    • Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service
    • Original name: Male Masturbator Massager (Adult toy)-Lady Vortex


    • Length: 25.50 cm
    • Insertion depth: 20.00 cm
    • Outer diameter: 10.00 cm


    • Waterproof: Yes
    • Flexible: Yes
    • Material: silicone
    • Suitable for penetration: Yes
    • Suitable lubricant: Water Based
    • Stimulation Target: Penis
    • Opening: Vagina
    • Internal structure: Ripples

    More specifications

    • CE tag: Yes
    • User level: More Experienced
    • Toyfinder: For Him
    • Weight: 734 gram
    • Package size: 11x11x27.5 cm
    • Origin: Spain
    • EAN: 0810476017644

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    Reviews (2)

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    • Maverick
      Is my 2nd now and never been cheated on! Ideal outlet when the missus doesn't feel like it!
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    • User
      The inner workings are much more "delicate" than they appear in pictures. This information is especially useful for those who want to use this toy for training purposes and don't know which sleeve should be considered. For example: If you had used "simpler" sleeves before (smooth without any special feature), with the Vortex you will be surprised how similar using it will be to real vaginal intercourse. I was a little taken by surprise myself and had to pull myself together at the beginning :-)) But that's also the point, if you are interested in "working" on your own arousal curve! And that worked out very nicely, edging around 50 minutes, and not exactly at a snail's pace and especially without stopping every 10 seconds :-)) ... (But don't expect this vagina replica to start twitching. It won't do that!!! Also the crooning of your sweetie in your ear,
      that unfortunately won't happen either, I assume! Provided that you are TRAINING alone ;-)

      The feeling that results from the penetration depth is interesting because of the different diameters and additionally the "warped grooves" due to the penetration. With steady movement, there will also be some suction, ...

      Furthermore, this toy can in no way be compared with older versions with regard to the sleeves, this has been greatly improved! If you look into the "entrance", for example, while the opening is slightly pulled apart, the "grooves" "distort", which alone visually suggests how the insert might feel. This is very much due to the material, it is "gel-like"; but still very stable!

      Another note regarding cleaning: Logically, wash out with plenty of lukewarm running water AND use your fingers to loosen any residue. Dry off the outside AND insert a dry cloth (you can cut a suitable strip for this) and leave it inside. Then powder the outside and in intervals lightly knead the insert to press the cloth that is still inside against the inner wall (that is why the cloth is left inside) which absorbs any residual moisture!!! THIS IS TO REPLACE THE OFTEN MENTIONED FLIP, JUST AS INFO IF SOMEONE SHOULD LACK THE CREATIVITY! ****scnr** (-:

      In my opinion it is a very good variant of SB, no matter how expensive!!! Think of it this way: It is a contribution to maintaining your health!
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