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Cobeco Lubricating Butter Fists

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Long-lasting and comfortable fisting fun with creamy and slippery Cobeco's Lubricating Butter Fists. Just spread it liberally on hands and intimate areas for safe fisting. Designed to help moisturise and soothe the skin, this extra-thick lubricant comes in a hefty 500ml tub to allow you to explore the limits of your erotic imagination time and time again. Please note: petroleum can cause latex to perish. It is therefore not recommended to use this butter with condoms.
Just like real butter, Cobeco's body butter is very greasy. Body butter is a heavier and bulkier substance because the water is partly replaced by moisturizing and skin-protective oil.
Product code: 744740000
EAN: 8718546546242
Content: 500 millilitre